DreamEaterIsm (Full Length Album)

by DreamEater

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    Dreameaterism Features the talents of:
    ~Ants (Nickelis Vincent)
    ~Russell Mark Elliott
    ~Re-Collect (Benjamin Busche)
    ~StefanOhOne (Stefan Kamenjasevic)
    ~Josh Franklin
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Special Thanks/ Extra Credits:

- Ants (Nick Vincent):

These three were just you and me bro haha... and beer. Oh wait!
You can credit Studio One in Corona for recording Progress and Amber Breeze.
Also shoutout to Ian Berry, Samantha Kelly, and my mom Lourie Vincent for all believing
through and through

~ Nickelis Vincent

- DreamEater (Nicholas A. Scyoc):

I wanna start off by saying that this album, has seen me through some very tough times
over the past year. To me, every single track relects a different set of emotions that I have found
myself drowning in; good and bad alike. I've lost and gained Best-Friends, Family, Places to Live, and even a
very complicated relationship throughout the process of constructing "DreamEaterIsm". At the end of
the day though, I have some people that I really want to thank for seeing me through the complete madness.

*Russell Mark Elliott, you saw me through the shittiest points in my life bro. You Gifted a complete stranger
over the internet close to $700 to build the computer that ultimately birthed this album. You gave me the advice
that no-one else would during my massive emotional struggle/ depression. You've taught & helped me so much, and
i've never even met you in person. You trusted me, and I promised not to let you down. I hold that promise dear
my friend, I will find a way to repay the favor in this lifetime I swear to you.

*Benjamin Busche, You have helped me grow/ learn SO MUCH in music, networking, relationships, and life in general.
You've collabed with me on countless tracks over the past few years, You've sold me gear and shipped it across the
states just to help me play shows. I've played songs that we've spent months working on in front of REAL CROWDS of
people, and blown their minds; yet I've never met you IRL either... Without you bro, I wouldn't even be halfway to
where I am today. Thank you Ben, you are a true-blue friend if i've ever met one.

*Gereon Sommerburg, I wanna thank you for the countless hours helping me develop the entire DreamEater Project/ Logo/
backstory, and pretty much everything else that is the visual side of DreamEater. Thank you for listening to me gripe
about my teeth and bills for hours on end while running the PlanetaryMinecraftServer. Thank you for always tolerating
my nagging about helping me out with renders and small photoshop adjustments. I will definitely start learning a bit
more adobe stuff from here on out, I promise you that hahaha. However, I seriously wanna thank you dude, I absolutely
could not have done this thang without you.

*Nickelis Vincent (Ants): Dude, I wanna thank you for all the wicked hard work you've put in on this album. Though we went
to the same high school, had a similar group of friends growin up in Riverside, had classes together, and even rolled
through the same streets as young thugs; i find it funny as fuck that we never got a chance to put something together
until now. I'm glad that things worked out the way they did though man, I honestly got mad faith in all of your talent.
I cannot wait to see what comes of your ANTS solo project, and I look forward to collabing with ya far into the future
my bro!

*Nikki Collard: Thank you for your constant support through the bullshit, and thank you for loving me for exactly who I am. We've
been through a lot of rough shit, and you're somehow still here at the end of all of it. That's something that I'll be eternally
greatful for. I'm not perfect, and i've not always been the best person, but you've really helped me to find the goodness
inside myself once again. Thank you Nikki <3

*Moms: Thank you for putting up with my failure of an ass, Thank you for not completely hating me for being a fuck up. Thank
you for giving me a place to live, helping me find a job, feeding me, and doing whatever you can without dad around to help.
Thank you for being strong, and wanting to make something better out of yourself. without seeing you find motivation, I don't
know if I ever would have found it myself. You've said many times that you didn't want to be a Mom, and that you aren't a good
parent. I just want you to know that you've been as good a parent as any, your financial, emotional, and mental struggles have
not gone unnoticed. You have 3 Children that love you, and I promise you that you'll find your light. The worst part is over now,
and you only have good things to come. Thank you ma.

*Dad: Thank you for teaching me everything that you could when you were around, and thank you for helping me learn so much
about music. Thank you for constantly trying to bring me something new to listen to when things were better. Thank you for
supporting the family financially for so long when I was younger, and trying your best to hold everything together. Thank you
for the days at the park tossing the football and shooting hoops when you were in better health. Thank you for fighting your
addictions as much as you could when you had kids to raise. I only pray that you can find your way back Pop. I have a hard time
holding it together, knowing how much you struggle to cover basic needs at your age. I worry about your health every single
day. Though I worry and wish things were different, I still want to thank you for all of the support and doing everything you
can for me. I love ya Pop, thank you

I also want to give shoutouts to Brandon Baker, Marcus Moore, David C. Sanchez, Bradley Fry, Jesse (Xotik), Martin Garcia,
Ryan Mcardle, Tristan Buller, Simon-Cameron-Beauregard, Brandon Allen Nelson, Jim Kay, William DeKaizer, Jay (RealFaction),
Quincy Nguyen, Tim Blackwell, John-Paul Behr, Nick Sumbles, Stefan Kamenjasevic, Brian Speice, Mike Wegra, Joey Lopez,
Valerie Lopez, Joe Lopez, Alex Lopez, (pretty much the whole Lopez family), Craig Collard, Rauly Jimenez, Gill Madia,
Jacob Casselman, Joey Scribner, Martin Vogt ~Haywyre (For being a constant inspiration), Damon Albarn (for being my hero),
Deadmau5 (For keeping me hungry for my dreams), Danielle Onasch (For teaching me so much in such a short amount of time)...
I'll never forget any of it, All of my fans (regardless how few or many), and YOU for purchasing/ pirating/ supporting this
album and listening <3

~ Nicholas Aaron Scyoc


DreamEater & DreamEaterIsm are registered trademarks licensed under copywrite law by Such&Such Entertainment 2014.


released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


DreamEater Riverside, California

DreamEater is a shapeshifter who does what he wants, and writes what he wants. He holds no true identity, his only mission is to find one that he feels can truly suit him. He searches through the vast electronic music universe to find his true form and style.

Welcome to Dreameater's journey through time & space. Welcome to DreamEaterIsm

"And this is only the beginning."

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Track Name: TM42 feat. Russell Elliott (Original Mix)
It's a long way down,
and everybody knows
That you can't fight it anymore
It's time to release the energy
Let it flow

I see the future
Everyone's fast asleep
No one can see in the dark
(In shines the light) In shines the light
Everybody's safe and sound
We all have such a great debt forever
(forever x 32) (wa-a-a-a-aoh [woah] x 16)

You'd better bow down
This is the part where you beg for forgiveness
You will take another round
Please, admit you're a liar

Bring it if you think you compete with us
We raise the roof and it crumbles to dust
Everyone wants a piece of the movement
Take it or leave it it's 'bout to cement
Woah (Oh, wahoah x 4)
Track Name: Ants Anthem (Pumpkin Soup Mix)
and they said to me
one and a 2 two too check

the pen is mightier then the sward
but you can erase the pencil
this so I'm waiting for the chord from chorus
to place my stencil
horde of mental patient
ignore tremble in the statement
it boars me integration
fall asleep in my inflation like
IB pro-fin up the nose
imma help with that pop in your head aching
takin death out of my ear sockets
peering at the plots pockets like stop it
I'm not it, i don't wanna play feel in nauseous
not to say that i won't rearrange the topics
populous of one entity held high in a pool of cemetery
do good, have good not stop
your still the enemy
so they sending me to school book robbin on a luscious
cloud of funding
do good, have good future, start with the tumbling
dat dat dat

now i aint saying you wanna be me
its called self projecting
hold up like kedamine
editing the messenger
let him go, let him go
he got a story to tell
light flow hells bells bore morphine
to the top shelf
swell in the deep
grown to too many feet
who to defeat next
resurrect fossils of the apostles
son we can box for the treasure chest
have i interested you yet
stupid student silhouette of her chest in a dress
come sir to the dance floor and confess
playin chess under duress
now we must take your thinking license
here hit the bottle while you feel up on her breasts
this is not a test, testing for the best things
in life like freedom
turns out money turn season rain to
a good type meaning, know what i meanan
when i say the evenan right?
right, right now I'm out loud
talking to you humans
interlocked to the box drowning
boxed in mixing the toxins announcin
imma be a bit late, shit fared yelling cryptic mace like
here have a have a have a taste
who am i to be the big face
triple ace heres one take it I'm mean I'm a nice guy
let tin the lights fly into the night sky into the grit of the beat
we devise high greeting at the meetings like
deal or no deal we the real deal
eat a pill neal down for a talk bright light
big shot big dick in the middle of a bitch music less pop
we aint ever gonna stop
no, no

you aint gotta know me to get to know me my homie
take a bump hit this see I've been feel in kinda lonely
you look lost, these drugs will steal your happiness
she say her parents on her ass for it
i just laughed it happens so we got the upper hand in the stop watch
and fell deeply into tandem though
anthem or not, anthem or not